Wireline Unit, Double Drum, Skid Mounted for Zone II Service 
Double drum hydraulic Wireline winch with: 
Surveyor II drums based on 30000 ft .108 wireline                       
Max Line speed at OD 15 FPM                        Max Pull at OD 5500 lbs.           
Millennium measuring heads for .108” and .125 wire to measure depth in feet.           
Directional Control Valve           
Remote control pressure relief valve to control the line pull           
Weight indicator with load cell and 50 ft. of hydraulic hose and its accessories. 
Hydraulic power pack for double drum Wireline winch with the following features:           
Rated HP 80 – 90            
Closed loop system – variable displacement hydraulic pump and motor           
Capable of stable logging/mplt at ultra low speeds           
Capable of fast acceleration at extremely high speeds
Four Speed Transmission

                        Accessories as per below.            
Minimum 20 ft. length power and return fluid hose with check valve connections.Inlet flame trap           
Inlet air shutdown valve by engine over-speed           
Fuel supply shutdown           
Plastic bladed fan           
Anti-static fan belt           
Exhaust spark arrester, exhaust gas cooler, exhaust flame trap.


ACCESSORIES: 20,000 feet .108 inch 316 stainless steel wireline installed on small drum20,000 feet .125 inch 316 stainless steel
Wireline installed on large drum
12” Hay Pulley Assembly with full swivel mounting eye and side loading safety latch.
Frame is of billet aluminum for greater strength and lighter weight.
12 inch diameter wheel .108 & .125 will be carburized for longer life.  

Floor sheave stand for above

Line wiper with mounting bracket

Wireline clamp  
Weight indicator with 50 feet of hydraulic hose between dial and load cell.
Dial will be installed at operator’s console and load cell and hose storage rack will be installed.

Line oiler, spray bar design, with on/off control and spray metering control will be installed at the drum assembly.
Cathead re-spooling assembly with large diameter removable arbor, cones and driving dogs

Large operator’s cabin with approximate dimensions 6 foot front to back x 7 feet wide x 6 foot interior height. (1.8 meters front to back x 2.1 meters wide x 1.8 meters high).
All else same as description on smaller cabin in body of quote. 
 Observer’s seat will reach across the width of cabin at rear of cabin.
Operator’s seat will be installed in front of operator’s console.   
Dimensions will be increased to 7 feet wide x 12 feet long x 7 foot high. (2.1 meters wide x 3.6 meters long x 2.1 meters high)
With fluid drained for transport weight will be reduced to approximately  
Power skid will remain virtually the same weight and dimensions, as noted above. 
 Approximate dimensions and weights:Drum skid                 
6” (2.44m) long x 52” (1.32m) wide x 53 (1.35m) tall   2500 lbsPower skid                
78” (1.98m) long x 48” (1.22m) wide x 48 (1.22m) tall   4200 lbs

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