Drum assembly to be of all steel, non-cast, construction with the following dimensions as requested

8 inch core diameter

15 5/8 inch wide between the flanges

20 inch diameter OD flanges

Capacity of 20,000 feet .125 inch SS wireline

A large diameter drum shaft with pillow block bearings each end will be incorporated.

Brake assembly to be of dual wide brake band construction offering good stopping, holding, and heat dissipation characteristics. A high leverage mechanical brake lever will be installed convenient to the operator.

Drive assembly will be having chain and sprocket design with a tensioning system. A four speed transmission will be coupled to a planetary transmission which will be driven by a hydraulic motor.

Power drive assembly will be by a Perkins 1104 diesel engine.

12v start & charging system

Heavy duty cooling system w/suction fan & guards

Dry element remote mount air filter

SAE #3 flywheel housing w/11.5" flywheel

Front and rear mounting support

Electric fuel pump

Electronic engine control

Murphy Power View panel

Spark arrestor

Engine monitoring gauges

Safety shutdown system for high engine temperature and low oil pressure

Variable throttle

Pump drive adaptor

Fuel tank of 30 gallon capacity

The engine will drive the hydraulic pump

Hydraulic assembly will be of open loop design with 2000 psi working pressure. A rugged duty variable displacement pump and fixed displacement motor will be installed. Controls will be by a directional/speed control and a remote relief valve as well as a dump valve. Safety type pressure gauges will be installed, one to monitor the system charge pressure and one to monitor the system working pressure. Hydraulic fluid will be supplied from a large capacity reservoir with breather/strainer filler cap and a sight level/temperature gauge. A hydraulic oil cooler will be installed to aid the reservoir in cooling of the hydraulic fluid. A complete filtration system will be installed. All hoses and fittings will be sized for maximum flow.

Spooling assembly will be by an underarm steering arm with a mechanical steering system. A steering wheel will be installed at the operator's console.

A measure meter for .125 inch wireline, footage measure, will be installed onto the steering assembly. A mechanical depth counter will be installed and will be cable driven from the register wheel. The depth counter will be installed at the operator's console.

Weight indicator load cell will install onto the measure meter and will be activated when a load is put on the wireline. Approximately 15 foot of hose will be installed between the load cell and the dial. The dial will be installed at the operator's console.  Weight Indicator must be selected from accessories at additional cost.


Operator's cabin will be of all aluminum construction with two inch square tubing framework for longer life and more rugged construction. The approximate dimensions of the cabin will be 6 foot front to back x 7 foot wide x 6-1/2 foot high. Dimensions are interior measurements.

The cabin will be well insulated to a high R factor and the walls and ceiling will be light colored FRP material. The floor will be covered with aluminum tread plate unless otherwise requested by the customer. A wide entry access door will be installed to the left of the drum assembly. Heavy duty hinges and a refrigerator type latch will be installed. Accommodations will be made to lock the entry door. A large, safety glass, will be installed over the drum assembly and will offer good visibility of the drum assembly and measuring meter. Opening windows will be installed at entry door and opposite wall of the cabin to aid in ventilation.

A well padded operator's seat with back rest and adjustable, swiveling design will be installed conveniently to the operator's console. The seat will be of fixed design bolted to the floor. A well padded observer's bench will be installed across the rear of the cabin and will have a storage compartment under. A small work desk will be installed opposite the entry door and along the side wall. Storage compartment with shelves will be installed.

Operator's console will be of stainless steel construction and will be installed inside the cabin and just behind the drum assembly. All controls, gauges, and switches will be installed with operator safety, comfort, and efficiency in mind.

Climate control will be by a hot water heater with variable DC control. 2 A/C air conditioners will be installed on the roof. The heater will be installed under the observer's bench.

Lighting will be of 12 volt DC & 110 volt AC operation and will be interior of the cabin and exterior corner's of the drum assembly, one either side to illuminate the drum assembly.  8500 watt diesel quiet gen set will be installed for electric service.

Mounting will be on a channel construction skid, of compact design, with drag pipes each end and protective lift rigging around the skid. Forklift pockets will be at side of the skid and four point lifting eyes will be installed around the skid. The different handling arrangements make for a versatile and safe method of handling as the wireline unit is expected to be moved and handled frequently. Drip pan will be under the engine area and the drum area.

A tool storage box of steel construction, as requested, will be installed onto the skid beside the drum area. The approximate dimensions of the tool box are to be 3 feet long x 2 feet wide x 2 feet high. Corrosion resistant hinges and pad locking method will be incorporated.  Lube rack will be installed opposite the tool box.

Performance testing will be to MWI strictest standards

Safety guards and panels will be installed as may be required.

Routine maintenance will be made easy.

Paint will be Millennium Wireline Tan unless specified by customer.  Any striping or lettering that may be required will be at additional cost.

Two sets operation, parts, and maintenance manuals will be supplied with the equipment.

All material used in the manufacture of this product will be of new and recent manufacture.


4' measuring head with full wrap around register wheel and pressure wheel assembly to help maintain the Wireline in the measuring groove.  A mechanical depth count will be installed within easy visibility of the operator.

Weight indicator and dial at operator's console area will be installed. Scale 0 to 4,000 pounds or metric equivalent if requested by the customer.

12"Hay Pulley Assembly

12" Floor Sheave Stand

16" Hay Pulley Assembly

Line wiper

Line Oiler Assembly

Cathead re-spooler